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a unique experience
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SeventyTwo - Form 01

Welcome to a new dining experience! Open 72 days a year from November 10th to March 12th, SeventyTwo offers an exclusive dining experience in a modern setting. Craftsmanship is the restaurant’s focus  – from the use of mouth-blown glass and handmade plates to the art of cooking and working with local ingredients.

Chef Christophe Prosperi’s philosophy is based on this love for handmade products and he puts his talent to use in order to provide you with an unique, high-quality experience. His kitchen style unites innovative techniques and modern presentations and takes everyday ingredients to the next level.

The building where SeventyTwo is located was designed by famous architect François Valentiny, a space in which modern and traditional elements are combined. It completely reflects Christophe’s Kitchen.

It takes the same time to do your job well or poorly, so make up your mind to do it well!” – Paul Bocuse –

SeventyTwo - Form 02
Christophe Prosperi - Chef de SeventyTwo

Our philosophy

The idea to create a unique concept during the winter seasons has been in our heads from the moment we started working together at the event venue ‘Schengener Haff‘, hosting mostly weddings. As running a restaurant during wedding season wasn’t up for discussion due to logistics and organisation, the idea for a ‘pop-up’ restaurant during the winter months soon blossomed.
Christophe Prosperi, who has been working in hospitality since 2010, wishes to translate his passion for modern cuisine onto his plates – a kitchen which – in his own words – unites love and madness.


As we decided to explore new directions, reservations as well might seem uncommun. By taking online reservations only and ask for the menu to be paid in advance via the reservation platform Tock, we aim at a very precise goal : to avoid food waste. An issue of concern of today’s fine dining (and overall hospitality) being no-shows, we decided to take this seemingly radical step.

“Ein Rezept selbst hat keine Seele. Als Koch muss man die Seele erst ins Rezept einbringen” – Thomas Keller-

SeventyTwo - Form 03


2, Rue Robert Goebbels

L-5444 Schengen